Court declares remand of British national by Delhi police unlawful


London – 17 January 2021

10 days earlier Delhi Police illegally took Jagtar Singh Johal from high security Tihar jail where he has been since May 2019 for 14 days of police interrogation that could have involved torture.

They took Jagtar for questioning in a new case over a fatal shooting over 200 miles away of Balwinder Singh Sandhu in Tarn Taran on 16 October 2020 although Jagtar has been in prison for more than 3 years awaiting trial in other cases.

The security cover of Sandhu was removed by the state government a few months before his killing.

The Delhi police claim on 12 December 2020 Sukhmeet Pal Singh who was apprehended at Delhi airport upon his deportation from Dubai and in police custody disclosed that 5-6 months ago he came into contact with Jagtar Singh Johal.

Jagtar’s solicitor Jaspal Singh Manjhpur, asked how a person locked up in a high-security jail, with no visitors since the outbreak of Covid-19 can be involved in a killing in October 2020. Those held at Tihar jail are under strict surveillance 24-hours a day.

His family feared for his welfare in police custody as the Indian police have previously subjected Jagtar to third degree torture, including electrocution and had threatened to burn him alive.

Yesterday Jagtar made a personal appearance in court as correct procedures were not followed and it was declared he was unlawfully remanded by Delhi police for interrogation on 7 January 2021. This was after his defence team submitted a petition against the 14-day remand. The court ordered he be immediately returned from court to Tihar jail.

Bhai Amrik Singh, the Chair of the Sikh Federation (UK) said: “It is the norm in India is to file another case fearing the person may be granted bail or may be released.”

“The Indian authorities have provided no evidence in court over the last three years of Jaggi’s involvement in any of the cases and are worried sooner or later he will need to be released.”

“Lodging another false case that is completely fabricated and illegally taking a person into police custody who has previously been tortured is also a form of mental torture for Jagtar and his family”.

“Jagtar’s legal team should be congratulated for challenging the 14-day police remand as being excessive and having the Delhi police actions declared unlawful due to procedural flaws.”

“The UK authorities need to wake up and make sure the Indian authorities are not able to continue to treat a British citizen in this totally unacceptable way.”

ENDS Harnek Singh National Press Secretary Sikh Federation (UK)

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