Sacrificing Sikhs: 1984 Report Launch

Sacrificing Sikhs: 1984 Report Launch

2017-11-01 at Houses of Parliament, London

Official launch of the highly anticipated report commissioned by the Sikh Federation (UK) ‘Sacrificing the Sikhs’ based on independent research of declassified UK Govt. documents from the National Archives relating to the UK Govt. role in the 1984 Amritsar massacre and beyond, supporting the demand for a independent public inquiry.

Also featuring Pav Singh and his new book release 1984 India’s Guilty Secret - When 8,000 citizens in the world's largest democracy are murdered in a government- orchestrated genocidal massacre in just four days, how is it possible for the guilty to evade justice? This shocking exposé of a true-life Orwellian plot of nightmarish proportions reveals how they did it.

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